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Everyone wants their wedding to be beautiful, but spending a fortune on flowers may not be the best way forward. The hotel for our wedding was in a very beautiful place. The building was an old stone country home, situated in a wooded area with a lawn down to the loch at the back. It didnít need much decoration, so we had only a very small amount of flowers.

We had a choice of having the ceremony outside in a small amphitheatre facing the loch (our first choice), or if it rained, we could have had the ceremony in a beautiful old style room in the hotel.

Our flowers were designed to be flexible, depending on the weather and choice of space for the ceremony. We had two portable flower stands, a small table arrangement, my bouquet, my maid of honourís bouquet, a corsage for my mom and for my mother-in-law to be, single flowers for my dad, his dad, the best man and my brothers doing the readings.

The portable flower stands were cast iron stands with flat tops that each held a flower arrangement. They were placed on each side of the table used by the registrar. They could have been transported inside if it had started to rain right before the ceremony.

After the ceremony, we moved them into the dining room near our table, and then back to the main room on either side of our cake. They were very beautiful and it was nice to be able to use them in different ways to fully appreciate them.

We hadnít actually planned to get so much use out of the flower arrangements, but the hotel staff were very helpful to make sure everything looked great and ran smoothly.

I know very little about flowers. When we started planning the flowers, I went to a local florist near the hotel and asked for recommendations. She filled out some very organised planning sheets for what kinds of arrangements I wanted. It all seemed to be sorted very efficiently.

Then, about 6 weeks before the wedding, I went to a florist near my house and asked for a bouquet of flowers of the type that I was ordering for the wedding. I was very surprised to find that one of the flowers was not the colour I wanted and I didnít like it at all.

So I then chose a bouquet from the flowers in the shop and she wrote down the names of them for me. Afterwards, I called the florist near the hotel and changed my wedding flower order to the ones I liked. I think this was the best way to choose my flowers and I loved my wedding flower arrangements.


I was worried about how my hair would look on our wedding day, since my hair seems to have a mind of itís own. My hair is fine, but very thick. I wanted a style that would keep it in place so I wouldnít have to think about it and use the copious volume of my hair to the best effect.

I went to my local hairdresser and asked them to style my hair in the way I hoped would look good. I took some of the flowers I had chosen so we could try a few things with these. I took my digital camera so I would be able to show the hairdresser at the wedding how I wanted my hair to look.

This worked really well. The local hairdresser and I had a great time trying different things and taking pictures. We must have amused the whole shop. This made it easier for the hairdresser at the wedding since she could see what I wanted.

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